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Nov 22, 2012 04:36 AM

Brighton - Sunday night dinner?


I'm looking for a Sunday night dinner of good, tasty, decently sized (not small plates) and reasonably priced (two courses, around £30 per head including some alcohol) in Brighton. I've looked at the few threads here about Brighton and have perused TripAdvisor. I have a couple of specific questions that I'm hoping someone might know the answer to.

1) Warung Tujuh - is this place still good (some friends raved about it a year or so ago)? I'm not so bothered about "authenticity" (I go to the Indonesian Mini Market for that) as long as the food fits the bill. Also, is it open Sunday night? I can't seem to find opening info on their website?

2) Which of the Ginger[noun] pubs is the best? The Gingerman looks too expensive, but the others look much of a muchness. Any recommendations? We don't mind travelling so we'd go to the best one.

Other than that, any recommendations are welcome. We're constrained by time (Sunday night) and budget, so it looks like a lot of the popular places (Sam's and Terre a Terre etc) are out.

Thanks lots!


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  1. Looks like Warung Tujuh's open on Sunday night:

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      Can't believe I missed the opening hours bit! Thanks for that.

    2. Sam's would have been my recommendation (the Meadow having recently shut its doors).

      Jay Rayner loved this place and would definitely be on my list if I'm ever back in that neck of the woods - http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyl...

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        Bloggers' responses seem to be pretty mixed on the BBQ Shack. Has anyone here experienced it for themselves recently?

      2. We ended up at Warung Tujuh and it was fantastic. I have no idea how authentic it was, but everything we had was jam-packed with the most fantastic flavours, from the charcoal grilling of marinated chicken to the unctuously thick sauce of the beef rendang, to the spicy-sweet peanut sauce that I ended up eating spoonfuls of. Our waitress was also great and very knowledgeable about all the dishes and what goes with what £45 for two starters, two mains, rice and beers was money well spent. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Brighton in the future.

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          Glad to hear that it's still good -- not so easy to find Indonesian, let alone good Indonesian. Do you have any comparisons vs the Indonesian minimart? My foggy memory of Warung Tujuh was that the actual cooking/execution seemed better and more "restaurant" than "home-cooking" but the minimart had somewhat more intricate and robust flavouring... Love to hear what you think.

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            The dishes we had at Warung Tujuh definitely had robust flavouring (you really could taste every spice that was used in each dish, which is something I've rarely encountered) but it is more "restaurant" (and with prices to match). From the few things I've eaten at the minimarket (the mie bakso and the plate of various small dishes), I think their flavours are probably more "delicate" but I preferred WT's redang dish because the flavours were more complex.

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              Thanks -- makes me want to go back to Warung Tujuh again!