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Nov 22, 2012 04:22 AM

What are you using to cook your Thanksgiving meal?

I don't have much of a set-up, wondering what others are using in terms of equipment!

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  1. So far I have used a single burner induction plate with my only pot, soon I will use my only frying pan, I have put my stewed apples into a disposable aluminum dish for my crumble as I have no casserole dishes, I will do the same with the dressing. I have washed my only mixing bowl numerous times for the many jobs its needed for. I will cook my apple crumble and dressing in my combination microwave convection oven and tommorrow will reheat in the same. The turkey will be cooked in a borrowed roaster. We will be eating off paper plates with plastic utensils. I am not so well equipped either :D I do have many knives and various coffee parophanelia though.

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      TeRReT, you are far more minimalist than I, put I admit to buying some of those tinfoil casserole pans "just in case." I also have a lot of knives, and myriad coffee-making "stuff."

    2. What am I using?? The better question would be what I'm NOT using... and without a dishwasher...

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        No dishwasher here either. And I just dug out a crockpot!

      2. Using disposable foil pans on Thanksgiving is a smart thing to do. I also saw several slow cookers in use at our Thanksgiving.

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        1. re: John E.

          Not to sound contrary but why waste resources like aluminum vIa disposable pans? Incredibly energy intensive to fabricate and then tossed as garbage after a single use seems much less responsible than washing out a roaster pan that once fabricated should have a useful life of 50+ years.

          1. re: ThanksVille

            I use "disposable" aluminum pans... but I put them through the dishwasher and don't dispose of them until they get holes (I test each time before use with water to see if I have any drips).

          2. I borrowed one of those three section crock-pots, to put my three vegetables in. It kept them warm for an hour and worked wonderfully. I loved not having to worry about everything being hot and serving at the same time.
            I also used an aluminum pan to roast the turkey, because I made my gravy ahead of time and froze it. No fuss at all.

            I have a galley kitchen and served a buffet, so having everything streamlined worked well.


            1. I used a Ron Popeil (of TV infomercial fame) "Showtime" rotisserie for the turkey so I could use my oven for a ham.