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Nov 22, 2012 03:49 AM

Good Veal Chop

Dear New York Hounds,

Wife and I will be making our annual visit to your great city in three weeks. We know the city well and have good knowledge of the subway. We are staying at Hotel Elysée on E. 54th. I would be most grateful for a recommendation for a delicious thick NY veal chop. Unfortunately, I'm unable to get a reservation at Il Mulino. Well, I can but don't care to dine at 5:30 or 9:30. Willing to go anywhere but prefer either the Village or UES. I prefer small NY style restaurants. Thanks!


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  1. Rarely mentioned on CH, but Scalinatella, a few blocks from your hotel (Third AVenue@61st St) has very good food, including veal chop. Like at Il Mulino, the menu is augmented by many specials recited by the waiter. (I would inquire about the prices of these before ordering) I was skeptical when an out-of-town friend brought me here, but again, food was excellent. They will make anything you want. Probably have white truffles now, too. Tiny, cozy downstairs room with not many tables. Expensive, but so is Il Mulino. Rates 26 for food in Zagat, if that means anything to you.

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      Thank you, Erica, for the suggestion. Will certainly look into it. I want to give you a special thanks for taking time on this special holiday. You should be at the parade. Happy Thanksgiving!


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        Il Cantinori has excellent veal chops.

      2. I fear that it isn't the kind of place you are looking for, but the best veal chops I have ever eaten in my life are all at Sammy's on Christie in the LES. Noisy, hectic, kitschy, but incredibly good veal chops (and mashed potatoes and chopped liver with radish and gribenes). YUM!

        1. i love the veal chop at minetta tavern. hard to get a decent reservation there but 3 weeks notice should get you something decent. comes with a sweetbread salad. you'll love it.

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            Thanks Sam. Minetta Tavern is on my bucket list. I'm still a few weeks out so maybe we can get in.noticed you made a post on Da Andrea. Good place and one of my faves. Also, want to than swanee for her recommendation. Appreciate the help.

          2. Parma. 3rd Avenue between 79th and 80th.