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Nov 22, 2012 01:50 AM

Studio Kitchen -- breakfast for dinner

We're going to this dinner next week -- our first Studio Kitchen dinner. I'd love some suggestions as to how to plan our beverages. Should I bring several half bottles of wine to pair with the courses? Also, I'm assuming that I'll receive an email detailing the address as the dinner approaches -- is this accurate? We're coming from New York City so we need a bit of advance notice. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. You will love it. As Shola's food is so unusual, i generally per two people bring a full Riesling or Pinot Gris from Alsace as accessible to so many dishes, a full red either grenache or cab franc based, as this is what l like, and a half of dessert. Sometimes all opened sometimes some are not opened.

    l would switch from the NJ turnpike to take 95 south, exit at Center city exit, immediately onto Callowhill exit. Follow Callowhill until 13th, turn right(north) park and walk to Hamilton about a block from Callowhill, turn right (east)for 30 feet and TaDa. Leave nothing visible in your car..
    Fortunately for me, l live around the corner. l also always bring him an odd foodstuff for a present, trying to find something he is unaware of, not an easy task.
    Had l been in Philadelphia rather than Paris, definitely would have tried for this dinner, sounds very cool.

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      Thanks for this advice. I'm looking forward to it -- we just had 3 great dinners in Paris last weekend (Saturne, Table d'Aki and Pirouette), so I'm excited to eat brilliant food in Philadelphia (my former home town)!

    2. Perhaps you should email SK to let him know you are coming from New York and need advance notice. Typically he sends the email either the day before or the morning of the dinner.

      Breakfast for Dinner is a very popular one. I am sure you will have a great time no matter what wine you decide to bring.

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        Thanks for the advice. I think we're going to bring a bottle of Champagne, white Burgandy and red Burgandy (the latter two of which I just brought back from Paris).

      2. Nancy my wife and I are going Thursday as well. You're in for a treat. Studio kitchen dinners are always great but the breakfast versions are particularly fantastic. Be prepared for versions of bacon that you didn't know existed. Wine consumption usually breaks down into one of two patterns; people drink their own, or everyone pulls their wine and someone serves as the sommelier for the evening. There is often a gentleman named Don there who brings fantastic wines and will unassumingly fill the Sommelier role. We will bring some bottles to round out the wines you indicated you were bringing including some of cheesemongers fine suggestions. See you on Thursday

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            ANBBistro -- I just re-read your post and realized that my posts about wine may be a bit misleading. We bought 3 half bottles in Paris last week and were planning on bringing them. Maybe we should rethink this, or supplement our supply for purposes of sharing. In that regard, I'm curious to know what the average/appropriate price per bottle has been. In any case, we're looking forward to meeting your wife and you, and having a brilliant dinner.

            1. re: Nancy S.

              Sacre bleu! Ha-ha. No worries. Your fine on quantity. And don't feel obligated to share if that's not what you had in mind. Since your Pinot is a half bottle I will feel better about bringing one of the great Pinots we recently brought back from the Willamette Valley. In regards to average/appropriate there is none. There have been several times where the person to the left of me is has brought a Kendall Jackson and the person to the right has brought Bordeauxs and Barolos from the 80's.

              We are looking forward to meeting you guys as well.

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                I have a really good dessert wine (750ml), which we'd love to share! I've been saving it for a special occasion.