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Nov 22, 2012 01:32 AM

80th Birthday Party for Mother (and 30 Guests) in June

My siblings and I, most of whom live in Manila, will be visiting New York and would like to give a party to celebrate our mother's birthday. (Mom spent a couple of happy years as a grad student in NY, and we still have a few friends and family members there.) Except for 5 teenage grandchildren, everyone else is well over 21. (So far over 21 that it should be a sit-down dinner.) Most of us know and love good food, and we would like something special for this landmark birthday. We are not heavy drinkers, and a couple of glasses of wine per person will probably suffice.

I'm sure mom would like us all to dress up a bit, but with a budget of $200 per head what sort of dinner party can one have in Manhattan these days? Is a lovely setting with memorably good food possible? (And, if we really wanted to take her over the moon, is there someplace that would allow her to bring her little dog to the celebration?)

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  1. Pilinut,

    I can recommend the 21 Club restaurant to you without hesitation. It's a lovely place in midtown located just off Fifth Ave on W 52nd St. The restaurant is located in a townhouse and has several private rooms. I hosted a luncheon there several years ago and everyone seemed quite pleased. Think you would be hard pressed to top it. You may have to do a luncheon to stay within your budget.


    1. Service dogs come in all sizes these days and they can go to restaurants and grocery stores. All you need is a little service dog vest for the canine companion.

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        Thank you, both, jdbeck and Berheenia! I looked up the 21 Club, and it looks ideal--I think mom and family would enjoy it very much. I'll get in touch with them as soon as we have our travel schedule worked out and see what we can do about a party!

        Mom's lttle dog is actually certified as a support dog--mom's doctors have been so pleased with the improvement in her health since she got the dog (lower blood pressure, less anxiety, better exercise), that they've cut her medications. Downside/upside: she now feels free to eat everything she wants!