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Recommendations Near Marriott Marquis (4th and Mission) -- Especially places open early for dinner [SF]

I'm coming to SF for the national bridge tournament, and frustratingly, the schedule is not my own. Often, we will be let loose for dinner at 5:00 or a little later and need to be back by 7:30.

I think I'll be OK on these days when I don't have these parameters, but I'd be most appreciative for ideas:

1. Places nearby that are open at 5:30 (at the latest) and offers good food (any cuisine). Price isn't much of an issue but informal is better than fancy.

2. Places for an interesting lunch at 11:00 or 11:30. Best if they were walking distance.

3. Late-night nearby. Bars with decent food would be particularly great or restaurants with bars would be particularly good for this purpose, especially ones quiet enough for us to sob softly about our bridge results.

Thanks so much!

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  1. make sure to go to the bar/lounge at the top of the marriott, think it's called "the view" - not as famous as top of the mark, but far easier to get into/less pretentious/still nice views. priced accordingly.

    no food.

    1. On the expensive end, but the Lounge at Fifth Floor is right across the street. Open 5-midnight. I think it's probably pretty quiet, too.

      1. Bluestem Brasserie - right across the alley! Open for lunch OR dinner (opens at 5p for dinner). We had lunch; my brother had dinner (during OracleWorld madness, no less). Both were excellent.
        Menus at: http://www.bluestembrasserie.com/

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          Bluestem was a terrific idea, especially on a rainy day when we could duck right into Yerba Buena Lane in literally 30 seconds. I split a bacon cheeseburger and a the fried chicken and biscuit special (available on Mondays). The fried chicken was a disappointment, but the cheeseburger (and especially the bacon) were delicious. But the best thing we ate was the side of cauliflower, lemon, chili and parmesan. I don't think Bluestem is a destination restaurant, but it was exactly the kind of place I was looking for, jaiko, so thanks.

        2. Good ideas, all. I'm familiar with the bar at the top of the Marriott, vulber, and agree that the view is spectacular. Alas, it isn't a secret to the mobs at the bridge tournament.

          1. The Westfield mall is half a block away and has a lot of restaurants:


            Recommendations for Moscone Center are mostly nearby:


            1. Zero zero is great, nearby. Barbacco is about a 15 min walk but worth it. Both open at 11:30 & are open for dinner at 5:00.

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                Didn't get a chance to go to Zero Zero, but we did go to Barbacco. Excellent, warm service. Good but not great pastas. The risotto and antipasti, especially vegetable antipasti, were terrific, though.

              2. Tin a few blocks away on Howard between 5th and 6h, opens at 5:30 for dinner. Really great vietnamese food and if you get there right when they open, would be super fast.
                Veggie spring rolls aren't on the menu but are fantastic.

                agree with other recs for westfield food court. decent options for a food court. And there are more small places opening up around Moscone, too.

                Tin is also open for lunch.

                54 mint, a block or so away on Mint Plaza (near 5th and mission) opns at 11:30 for lunch and 5:30 for dinner. Good italian. http://www.54mint.com/54M_SF_LAND.html

                1. Is this during the week or on the weekend? If during the week, call an order in for pickup at Sentinel. Some of the best sandwiches in SF. No seating, but plenty of great POPOS (google it) to sit at.

                  Anchor and hope has great seafood and a great selection of beers

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                    I did have to Google POPOS and I think I've worked it out. Definitely going to try it -- thanks!

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                      Awesome! Some of the POPOS are closed on the weekends. They're great places to enjoy a takeout lunch, and in prettier places than the masses congregate

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                        Used to LOVE johns grill, till I met some one who worked there.
                        Local Addition is not far and is GREAT for cocktails. as is the peid piper in the palace hotel.
                        Aside from westfield mall and Macy's eating
                        Annabelles is not a bad option. across the street. not pricy. its not as good as teh fifth floor, but a lot less$

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                      Get the corned beef from Sentinel. I dream of it!

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                        We got to Sentinel and Anchor and Hope, too. At the former we tried the corned beef sandwich and the roasted cauliflower. Much preferred the former, because the bread overwhelmed the latter, even when I took off one of the slices.

                        Anchor and Hope became a staple for us. Went three times with different bridge friends. My favorite dish there was the tuna crudo, which actually reminded me a little of the tuna tartare that Lotus of Siam (in Las Vegas) is now serving as a special. Chilies and fatty tuna are a wonderful combination. Dungeness crab and oysters were standbys, too.

                      2. Unfortunately, Sentinel was closed today, but I'm all over it for next week.

                        We did have an excellent meal at Anchor and Hope. We split a whole Dungeness crab (they are just starting to get these now), mussels (the first one on the menu), a beet salad, a superb tuna crudo with serrano ponzu and garlic-jalapeƱo tapenade, raw oysters (I especially liked the little Skookums), and fried calamari. Quite a feast for three folks.

                        I was impressed with the preparation of almost all the dishes. I don't think it's fair to say to stick only to raw seafood -- the sauce on the mussels was almost as good as the the chile mix on the crudo. Service was friendly, unobtrusive, and the space, of course is gorgeous.