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Nov 21, 2012 06:26 PM

Someplace fun like Sammys

I am taking a team of 10 out for a thank you dinner and I'm looking for a fun place to go. Last year was sammy's roumanian steakhouse and it was a big hit. I would like to stick to Manhattan and I am open to any suggestions. Russian Vodka room, chefs table, Korean BBQ... Any ideas

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  1. My guess is, the reason no-one has responded yet is they have no idea what you liked about Sammy's. If you can tell us that, maybe we'll have a suggestion. For the record, I haven't been there.

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    1. Maybe the whole pig/chef's table at the Breslin?

    2. This suggestion will be the 'This year will be quiet, while last year was raucous' While not at Sammy's for some time it is indeed a hell of a lot of fun. My suggestion is Hangawi a beautiful Korean vegetarian in midtown. Had a group party for 12 a few years back and every person LOVED it, loved it.

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        My coworkers would not enjoy vegetarian. I will so I think I will try it. I was thinking about going to a Korean bbq so we could cook it at the table.

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          If you want Korean BBQ, go to Madangsui or Don's Bogam. Another possibility is the new place with a view, which I believe is called Gaonnuri or something similar (I haven't been there yet).

      2. Have you considered the large format menus at Momofuku Ssam Bar for the Bo Ssam and Ma Peche for the smoked lamb and fried chicken dinners?

        1. There is no place like Sammy's. Either you love it (like I do) or loathe it. Either way, it is a once a year, no holds barred kind of place.
          What do I love about it? the veal chops, the Rumanian steak, the mashed potatoes with gribenes, the chopped liver with radish and schmaltz, etc........

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            The big bottles of vodka in ice doesn't hurt

              1. re: swannee

                +1 for Sammy's! I have many great memories of dinners with my parents and sister. Food was always delicious and the home made egg creams were the best! Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup is still the best!