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Nov 21, 2012 05:01 PM

Saturday night in December- party of 6- food and scene?

Hey all, am planning a birthday party with 6 girls, half love food, half care more about scene, would love to make em all happy...thoughts? downtown to west end is fine, price point is not so important but not looking for super high end. Thought about Salt but we've done it so many times, and we were just at Grove assuming Daisho is a no for a group this size on a Saturday....hrm. I'm lost!

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  1. You mention Daisho as a no butDaisho has the large format meals so if that appeals to you it may be perfect. You can make a reservation (but be warned you will have to leave a credit card number + cancellation is within 48 hours or $100 charge). Here is a list of the large format dinners from the website:

    Also, I am assuming that you are young-ish (maybe becasue you say "girls"), so think that you may enjoy Gusto 101. They don't take reservations; the place is pretty darn noisy, but the food is good and it has a young vibe.

    1. Marben or The Saint would work. Both take reservations and both have a bit of a scence but still have good food at resonable prices.

      1. What about Enoteca Sociale? Good food, good 'scene'... lots of visiting 'celebs' frequent Enoteca.

        1. agree about the saint. what about weslodge? not my cup of tea but definitely a scene.
          bent fits the bill as well but they don't take reservations.

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            thanks for the ideas guys, have been to Enoteca and its not what I'm after this time ( i wasn't taken with the food, although you are right it would probably work for this group)...I"m going out on a limb and trying JaBistro- I don't know that it'll fit the scene bill, but i'm excited about the food and it is my birthday after all....hope they like it ;$