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Nov 21, 2012 04:38 PM

Is a 6 qt mixer too large for small jobs?

I have a Kitchenaid 6 qt mixer and was trying to make some macaroons. Recipe called for 2 egg whites beaten very stiff. Put it in the mixer with the whisk attachment to let it get to work, but I don't think it ever got to a point where I got super stiff peaks. Is it because my mixer is too large for the small amount I'm working with?

I hear that these mixers are awesome - but it just doesn't seem to be that effective for me - is this just because it's impossible to do such a small amount in a larger mixer like this, or do I need to realign things (tried this and I think I have it lowered as close to the bowl as I can without scratching). Any thoughts, or should I swap this one for a smaller (4.5qt?) mixer?

I haven't used it that much yet, but on a similar thread, tried to make a small batch of cookies and it just didn't seem to mix effectively either. Seems the flat beater doesn't get everything -- once again I'm thinking because the mixer is just too big for the amount that I'm working with.

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  1. You don't have to swap your mixer for a smaller one. Kitchenaid makes a 3 quart bowl that you can use in place of the 6 quart one. Just check around online for the best deal.

    1. Yes, sometimes it is too large and ingredients don't get caught up in the beater like they should. When whipping egg whites, I find 4 is about the minimum for the machine.

      1. You might also want to check the adjustment of the bowl, too --if your beater isn't getting the stuff at the bottom, your bowl is sitting too low. It's easy to fix, though - check the manual and raise the bowl a little.

        But no, I wouldn't get my big KA out for just 2 egg whites.