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Nov 21, 2012 04:20 PM

Convert a 9" tart pan recipe to 9" pie pan?

Hi All,

My first post!

I would like to make the Maple Pecan Tart with Dried Cherries that is on the Eating Well site, (Hope it is okay to link to recipes.


I only have pie pans, though, no tart pans. I think I will just try it, but does anyone have any advice?

I have never made a tart before and not many pies where I made the crust (in other words, I usually make filling and pour into a prepared crust) so I might be asking for a disaster in even attempting this. I wanted to make it last year and didn't and really hope I can get to it this year. Running out of time.

Thanks for any information,


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  1. A tart bottom is actually broader than a pie bottom, because of the sloping sides of the pie pan. So you need to get creative using some basic geometry. The area of a 9 inch circle is about 64 inches, so you're better off using an 8x8 square pan (also a 64 inch area) and just bringing the crust half way up the sides, as a tart pan is shallow. If you do choose to use the 9 inch pie pan, use a little less filling.

    1. I would just do it as is and adjust as needed. If it ends up being too much filling, just don't put it all in. But, it will probably take longer because I think it will be taller than the tart. And, the removal will be harder. I actually think that will be the hardest part of the conversion. In the tart, you'll remove it and be able to cut it easily. It will be harder in a pie crust because you can't remove it from the pan and you don't want to damage the pan.

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        Thank you! I will try it and plan to be back to tell how it went.