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Nov 21, 2012 02:54 PM

Searsucker is coming to Austin

San Diego-based Top Cheftestapant Brian Malarkey, who made it all the way to episode 14 in Season Three, will open a Searsucker, one of his many sartorially named restaurants, in Austin in June 2013. According to San Diego magazine, via Eater LA:

Fresh off the opening of Searsucker Scottsdale, the Enlightened Hospitality trio—chef Brian Malarkey, nightlife empresario James Brennan and designer Thomas Schoos—will continue their national expansion plans with Searsucker Austin set to open in June of next year.
No word yet on the specific location for Searsucker, which self-describes as "New American Classic cuisine emphasizing approachable and unpretentious food that doesn't take itself too seriously." The "sea" spelling is supposed to be a reference to San Diego's coastal location ... which totally explains why Malarkey just opened one in beautiful oceanside Scottsdale, Arizona.

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  1. I can't wait for Corduckroy and Tweel.

    1. Looks expensive, I hope they adjust their prices. Our hipsters are underpaid in Austin.

      1. OK, but the only really great things to come from SD that I know are Rocket From The Crypt, Air Coryell, and Terriers.

        1. Wow. I just saw about 10 photos of the interior and OMG I am there! I love ambiance and this place has it. I don't care what prices are, and they will be high, I'm in.

          They had a very small fire this week, but will be back quickly.

          This is in the spot where Carlos Santa's Maria Maria was. I was impressed with decor of MM, but now it's awesome.

          They have an Austin Facebook page, but no Austin website that has full details yet.

          1. It was good... we sat at the "kitchen counter " and were treated to lots of tastes..