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Nov 21, 2012 02:37 PM

Thanksgiving mishaps 2012

Well I left the potatoes in the garage and now most have developed sight. And the eyes appear angry. "J'accuse!"

I am giving them a relaxing hot bath in hopes that they will mellow their attitude.

Also, the only bread in the house is tortillas. Am sending the Duke out to raid the peasantry for bread; flat stuffing is not to be tolerated here.

Anyone else have malfunctions this year?

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  1. Three members of the family decided to run out for last minute provisions, after we admitted to spacing off the brussel sprouts last night. We now have approximately 8 or 9 lbs of them with only a few recipes we truly get excited about and no one here is vegetarian enough to take on that mass 'o sprouts

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      Do you like stuffed cabbage? I once saw TV chef Joey Nathan making a soup inspired by stuffed cabbage. He didn't give an actual recipe but I jotted down ingredients. He made stock from short ribs but quality purchased broth would do. This was added to a pot in which onions, garlic, and ground beef had been sauteed, along with rice, shredded cabbage, cranberries, maple syrup, and raisins. Everything is then simmered. When I made it, I used whole Brussels sprouts instead of shredded cabbage, and liked the final product.

    2. I forgot to buy potatoes. We've been doing low/no carb since July because of DH's dietary restrictions, so the usual 5 pounds I'd have in the pantry has ceased to be! I'm working late tonight, so I'm going to make sure to hit a supermarket before 10.

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        My first time making a pie... and I burned it a little :( Pumpkin pie. It wasn't done when the timer went off so I said "oh I"ll just leave it in for a bit longer" then promptly forgot about it... for another 15 or 20 minutes. My mom said it looks fine, just a little brown, but I think she's being nice. I'm so bummed cause it looked so pretty :(

        1. re: juliejulez

          Whipped cream can be very pretty- and it hides a multitudes of baking sins.

          1. re: juliejulez

            I can't live w/out this kitchen timer; looks like Amazon is temporarily out of stock but Chef's, etc. will probably have it.


            1. re: walker

              Pray tell, what are this timer's main pluses? Thx for sharing

              1. re: wahine88

                Well, you can wear it around your neck or just stick it in a pocket, if you have one. Mainly, it's good to have a timer and set it and this one is very portable if I'm in another area of the house, not the kitchen.

                1. re: walker

                  So it's the portability of it rather than the specifics of this timer that are great? I've never had such a bar/stick timer, but interested in researching them. Thanks.

              2. re: walker

                I have a timer, a very nice one actually that has 4 different timers on it, plus timers on both the oven and the microwave. But a timer doesn't help if you forget to set it :)

                1. re: walker

                  My iPhone is now my go to timer! Just tell Seri how long to set it for!

              3. re: pinehurst

                Speaking of potatoes, and too many brussels sprouts. My husband went shopping with my list yesterday. The potatoes he got were too big. So today I went out and got some smaller potatoes. In laws arrived tonight with a present - 10 lbs of potatoes! One of their coworkers grows them :)

                1. re: sasha1

                  Lucky you! Use the ones your in laws brought you!

              4. Made a chocolate layer cake with a buttercream frosting. Something went VERY wrong with the frosting - no volume and very thick. When I first looked in the bowl, I convinced myself there was enough for between the layers and on top and all around - WRONG! After assessing the situation, decided the family will get a single layer, fully frosted, and DH and I will have a plain layer all to ourselves. Separated the layers, scraped all the frosting off one and left it bare. DH already had a piece sans frosting. Not sure what went wrong, but whatever. My cake is just an extra dessert anyway since niece and I don't care for pumpkin pie, and as she's 12, I don't think she will care much that it's not perfect. And this way I can leave the rest of the frosted cake with her and know that I still have cake at home for me! No feeling guilty for wanting to take cake away from a child!

                I would like to determine what went wrong, though. I'd rather this not happen again ;(

                1. So far things have been OK here, though I'm a bit worried about a new dressing recipe turning out soggy. We'll see what wonders a night in the fridge + a blast of heat tomorrow will do.

                  However, a friend of mine reported that she accidentally brined her kitchen floor. (While attempting to pour her brine into the brining bag, a great deal of it ended up missing its mark.) I assured her that the floor would just be extra tender and flavorful.

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                  1. re: jld234

                    This reminded me - I did an artichoke soup today that needed to be cooked then pureed in the blender. For whatever reason, after I put the first batch in the blender, I wanted to be sure the bottom was screwed on tight so it didn't leak. Turned it the wrong way of course. Much broth spilled out the bottom, onto the counters, into the drawers, and onto the floor. My husband gave me a look he usually reserves for the children...

                    1. re: sasha1

                      Off topic but would you share your artichoke soup recipe? I've googled a few recipes and they look good but would appreciate a "tried and true" version too. Thx

                      1. re: vanderb

                        It's not tried and true, because this is the first year I've made it. I'll post the epicurious recipe link here. I modified a bit - no cream for starters. There's enough butter in the rest of the meal. And for the artichoke/jerusalem artichoke, I used 4 1 lb bags of frozen artichoke hearts and 2 potatoes to smooth out the consistency.


                      2. re: sasha1

                        You need to add immersion blender to your christmas list! No more leaky blender issues.

                        1. re: tcamp

                          I've got one - but there was so much soup, and so chunky, I didn't really even think about the stick.

                      3. re: jld234

                        I was so fearful of this. Now my turkey is brining in a roasting bag resting in a roasting pan. but the liquid level is pretty high. I'm just crossing my fingers that it all stays where it should and no poultry soaked brine goes spilling onto my mom's kitchen floor or fridge. As I was ladling the brine in, i was having visions of brine all over the new flooring. fingers crossed it all works out ok...

                        1. re: jld234

                          I have brined my kitchen floor/counters/breakfast bar stools thrice. Count 'em! Three times!! For the record, NONE of them were my fault, unless you count having someone help me as my fault, lol. He would always not pay quite enough attention and let go of part of the bag, and whooooosh!!!! TIDAL WAVE!!!!! So annoying.... not only all the salt/sugar water, but the herbs, the apple cider, the dried cranberries, the apples..... SUCH a mess!!

                        2. Am catering a dinner tommorrow, just beginning prep now. Anticipate numerous mishaps so stay tuned for tomorrow. Have all produce now but have had no access to the turkey, so fully expect to arrive tomorrow to find it still frozen. Numbers have not been confirmed but the food has been bought for me, anticipate not having enough food. In a foreign country and the equipment is vastly different, so expect problems on all fronts with cooking. Sourcing traditional ingredients has been tough, was only able to get 75% of ingredients so already with some fun obstacles. And broke my toe yesterday so am hobbling around as best I can.

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                          1. re: TeRReT

                            I'm getting anxiety from your post and am very thankful that all I need to do tomorrow is frost a cake. Good luck!

                            1. re: rabaja

                              haha thanks, it will be interesting. I have everything mapped out and planned to and know how I am cooking the turkey and everything. Just got a phone call from my boss who I am catering for, he wants to pick me up 2 hours before I told him pick me up because he has been doing research and wants to slow cook the turkey. What way is better or not aside, I am practically doing this as a charity, and already have everything planned out. We won't have a dry turkey, and I am not changing how I am cooking things this late in the game. Tomorrow will definitely be interesting!

                            2. re: TeRReT

                              Turkey is in the roaster but the roaster sucks, no browning at all at the start, hopefully it will get some color eventually

                              1. re: TeRReT

                                And turkey is done well ahead of time, will have to hold it an hour more then anticipated, and did not brown, the roaster is not as fun as I had anticipated :P