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Nov 21, 2012 02:17 PM

Personal chef for a home dinner party in Toronto

Does anyone have any recommendations for a fun personal chef to come to my home and cook for 6 person dinner party?

Thanks so much

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  1. Try Bon Vivant Catering. Joshua did an excellent job for us last year. Didn't take pics. Otherwise, would post them. He's fresh and hungry.

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    1. Melanie Dunkelman of Season 2 Taste is great. Fun and creative and easy to work with.
      The last e-mail and phone number I have for her are and 416.652.9947

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        Thanks you so much guys! I will try them both. LD

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          I suggest you call Chef Ezra Title from Chezvous Dining. He catered Mr Millygirl's birthday party and everyone raved about it. He's great to work with, and his food is amazing. He even did one course that was hands on so everyone got to participate.
          So much fun!!!

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          1. I recently had a dinner party for 8 with a Mediterranean theme (one of my favs) and used Tom Sofianpolos of Olive & the Lemon Catering. He did the shopping, cooked, served and did the clean-up. Highly recommended - the flavours and ingredients were great. He has a website: