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Nov 21, 2012 01:58 PM

Good dried fruit in Victoria?

I want to make a tropical fruitcake, with dried papaya, pineapple, etc. All the recipes say to not buy regular grocery store dried fruit, but to get better quality as sold in Asian stores. I live in the Gulf Islands, and my shopping experience in Victoria is limited to big stores. Can anyone tell me a good place to get such dried fruit? (I won't be going to the mainland before Christmas, so Victoria is it.)

Many thanks!

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  1. I would suggest you try one of the middle eastern stores. Seven Valleys on Douglas (near Bay) is a quality store. There is another good middle eastern store on Quadra at Reynolds (can't remember the name though). You could also try Lifestyles (health food store) on Douglas near Burnside.

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    1. re: anewton

      Thanks very much - I will check them out next time I'm over there.

      1. re: sun lover

        On second thought, I would stick to Lifestyles because they are more likely to have fruits like dried papaya and pineapple. The middle eastern and Indian groceries are more likely to have fruits like dried apricots, prunes, figs, etc...

        There is an Indian grocer on Quadra near McKenzie that I forgot to mention.