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Nov 21, 2012 12:50 PM

Birthday dinner with no meat in Raleigh?

My husband and I have a tradition of going out for a tasting menu dinner for his birthday every year. Some places we have been: Savoy, Zely & Ritz, 18 Seaboard, Mura, and Jibarra. This year his birthday is on First Friday and, because it is Friday, will need to be meatless.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant with good upscale fish dishes that might have a tasting menu option? We have stayed in Raleigh so far but would be willing to go somewhere else in the Triangle for the right spot.


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  1. I would have to say give Herons a chance..

    I hesitate to recommend Buku as it can be hit and miss. I know it doesn't say but I would call to see if they can do a vegetarian menu

    1. What price point are you considering?

      The only tasting menus that comes to mind right now are at Second Empire and I think Saint Jacques (French) does as well. You might enquire with them to see about the seafood offerings and then I'll be glad to ponder on it more, too!

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        We'd like to keep it around $150 for dinner and a drink or two. Herons is right out (but one day...).

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          May I ask WHY a tasting menu is a requirement?

          Also I listed a few other places besides Herons. Some places may not list a tasting menu, but maybe the chef is willing to do one, if you let them know that it is for a celebration and settle on a price together. I don't think this is unheard of. That being said... the new Oakleaf down in Pittsboro may be nice but no listed tasting menu .

      2. Oh! I don't know why I didn't think of this before - Bloomsbury Bistro. Plus, right now, they have a special on gift certificates that they do every year at Christmas time to get more bang for the birthday buck! I pasted the link from their website below. I'm a big fan of the Bistro!

        If you want to go on a short road trip and do something different, you might drive down to Southern Pines and check out Chef Warren's I don't know if they do tasting menus, but it occurred to me that might be a fun birthday outing, so you might give them a ring and see what they can do for a special for your hubby.

        I'm offering fans and loyal patrons of my restaurant special pricing on Bistro gift certificates. Toler's table members can buy $50 gift cards for $45, $100 cards for $85, and multiples of $100 cards for only $80 each.

          1. Where did you end up dining for the hubby's birthday?