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Refrigerate Pumpkin Pie?

I am not a big dessert fan, but I got two pies dropped off at my place for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am pretty sure the Apple pie will be fine on the counter. However, I am not sure about Pumpkin pie.

It seems to me that it should go in the fridge. But maybe not.

It came from a rather high end Bakery if that makes any difference (in terms of it having less preservatives than a store bought one)

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  1. If the high end bakery refrigerated it, do likewise. If not, don't.

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      It doeesn't feel like it has been refrigerated which is what made me wonder.

    2. Most pumpkin pies are sold unrefrigerated, so it's likely that your fridge would be the first the pie has been in.

      1. I leave mine on the counter, but I think refrigeration is recommended. It's really a custard.

        1. Pumpkin pie has cream in it--and needs to be refrigerated if you plan to use it a day later.

          1. I usually pick up pies at Whole Foods and they are always just piled up on the shelf, no refrigeration so it should be OK

            1. My wife just finished baking the pumpkin pie for tomorrow and she is going to cover it with plastic wrap, but she is not going to refrigerate it. Don't worry because we are not. This is our 52 Thanksgiving together so we've survived unchilled pumpkin pie.

              Buona Festa di Ringraziamento (Happy Thanksgiving)!

              1. For those saying that store-bought pies aren't refrigerated, take a close look at the ingredient list. Chances are, those pies are loaded with preservatives, making them shelf-stable at room temperature.

                In Texas, home bakers can sell baked goods that do not require refrigeration that are made from their home kitchen without needing an inspection or permit. Pumpkin pie is on the list of things that are not permitted to be sold under this Cottage Baker's Law, because it is considered a custard and requires refrigeration.

                Now...having said all that, I have made pumpkin pie and not refrigerated it, and it has been fine for a couple of days. But if you have room in your fridge, it is not going to hurt to refrigerate it and some people (like myself) prefer cold pumpkin pie more than room temperature.

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                  My grandmother makes a caboodle of sweet potato pie every year for Thanksgiving and always leaves them at room temperature, but your point is well taken.

                2. Hi,
                  I know I have read somewhere that Pumpkin Pie should be refrigerated as a food safety measure. It has eggs/milk. I would make room in the fridge to be on the safe side.

                  1. No refrigeration needed.

                    The amount of sugar in pumpkin pie will inhibit any harmful bacterial growth for at least a day or two, even with all those eggs and cream in it.

                    1. My recipe from Nick Malgieri's "How to Bake" tells you to refrigerate the pie if you are serving the next day. So I have a pumpkin pie in my fridge and bit more counter space this morning.

                      1. We found room in the fridge because, as others pointed out, people who like pumpkin pie prefer it chilled.