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Nov 21, 2012 12:26 PM

Boudin sausage

I had this meat on vacation in New Orleans and it was wonderful. Aside from ordering this
on line does anyone know of any place that sells it? I am in central Jersey, Monmouth County.

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  1. Did you have boudin blanc or boudin noir (blood sausage)?

    1. i would be interested too.

        1. Polish or Hungarian Deli's have something very similar .

          1. Most NO boudin is different from the strictly French versions listed in this thread. NO boudin is made from rice mixed with usually pork or seafood, although they will make it with just about anything up to and including gator. I love this sausage and have been trying to find a local source for years. I finally gave up and now rely on Cajun Grocer on the internet for my fix.

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              Kiszka is the Polish version. It is most commonly made with Kasha (buckwheat), pork offal and blood. It can be mild or sometimes quite peppery. It is easily found in the Polish markets of Trenton.
              Alas, sausages, worldwide are the product of getting all but the oink (or squeek) as packaged as possible, and vary infinitely. The OP may or may not enjoy the kiszka, but it is worth a try.