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Nov 21, 2012 12:15 PM

Gravy Help Needed - Don't Judge!!

I've been to the supermarket 3 times already and refuse to go back. I keep forgetting turkey stock. (I can not make homemade stock - I am up to my eyeballs already!)

I have chicken broth at home. Can I possibly make gravy with that? I am perfectly willing to make a roux tonight for tomorrow's gravy. I am roasting the turkey tomorrow morning.


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  1. Oh yes. Chicken stock will be fine!

    1. I never use stock to make gravy. A quick deglaze of the pan drippings (keep only as much of the fat as you need to make a roux) and fond, whisk in hot water, season with salt and pepper ( plus I had reconstituted dried mushrooms, with the Sherry in which they were plumping, in lieu of giblets). Of course if for some reason your roast doesn't produce sufficient drippings, chicken stock would help.

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        Ooh. I have dried porcinis....they'd probably be nice plumped in white wine maybe?? I never thought of plumping those dried suckers in wine before! :)

        1. re: CurlieGlamourGirlie

          Actually I use a little boiling water, throw in the mushrooms, and then add the wine. Porcini in white wine beats the wham out of turkey gizzards for me!

        2. re: tim irvine

          This makes the best gravy. We put the roasting pan over two burners, remove some fat if needed. Cook assortment of mushrooms. Add flour to make the roux with the pan drippings. Then add stock, as needed.

        3. Absolutely,yes....use the chicken stock to deglaze the pan w/ the turkey drippings.

          1. Thank you all!! This is my first turkey (eep!) and I panicked when I realized I was driving away from the store AGAIN without turkey stock.

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            1. re: CurlieGlamourGirlie

              What I've done before is simmer the giblets and the neck while the turkey roasts. That broth gets strained, and then bulked out with the chicken stock if I need more volume.

            2. If you melt butter and dissolve a couple anchovies* into it before adding the flour to make a roux, it will add an umami bomb to your gravy. Drippings and chicken stock will work fine. Similarly, making a broth by simmering the turkey neck and mixing that with drippings and chicken broth can work too.

              * Just don't tell anyone.

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