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Nov 21, 2012 12:00 PM

Ad Hoc at Home Duck Confit

Fresh ducks were on sale this week, and the weather is getting frostier so Thomas Keller's duck confit seemed like a great idea.

The duck breasts were removed, trimmed and frozen, fat was rendered and carcasses were made into what ended up looking like rich duck jelly after it was cooled. But OH! the confit. My goodness, does chef Keller have a tasty dish for us there. The meat has just enough salt and spice and the texture is unctuous. After 8 hours in a slow oven it is a little bit of ducking heaven.

Lunch today was a confit leg served with Keller's caramelized savoy cabbage, crusty bread and a small salad. Talk about your 15 minute meal. Slow food in the fridge = fast food later.

If you have the chance and time, and the ducks are cheap, get thee to the confit. Your pocketbook will thank you, your tummy will thank you and even your ultra picky teenager might cooly say "Yeah, that was pretty good". Minus the cabbage, of course. ;)

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  1. Thanks, I have been wanting to make confit for cassoulet and have thought of making additional for other meals.

    1. So good to know, I was eyeing that recipe, and have been craving duck lately. This will definitely go on the short list.