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Nov 21, 2012 11:17 AM

Help with the CHOW Pumpkin Cookies please!

I thought I had everything...really, I did. And then I realized I bought non-fat milk (as usual) instead of 2% for the recipe. In it:
it says to not use non-fat for the icing...

What happens if I use non-fat? Is it just a waste to try it? Can I use water instead or is that gross?


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  1. The icing is made from just milk, powdered sugar, and maple syrup? I'm pretty sure any kind of milk will do -- what's missing is cream, but such a small amount. A little knife tip of soft butter could add some richness to the glaze, but I don't think it's necessary.

    1. Don't use water, use your nonfat milk. It'll be fine.

      1. Any kind of milk would be fine. I'd probably use orange or apple juice.

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        1. Hey don't sweat it too much for this particular recipe. We just say "not nonfat" here because it is less flavorful and thinner than milk with more fat — it won't wreck the recipe like it may if you were actually going to bake it in a cake or pastry. Your glaze will be just fine, and if you happen to have cream you could use that, too.
          Amy, CHOW Test Kitchen

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          1. I actually used water and it came out fine, just a little thinner. Next time I'd use less water. It made a very light glaze on the cookies, which, by the way, got rave reviews!

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              @bjd001 - you made them? And you used water! Great! I'm so glad to hear they turned out so well!! (Very intimidated - first dessert for Thanksgiving I've ever made) :)

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                Baking the second batch now-2 of 4 i think. Havent started the icing yet but these cookies are amazing plain! I'm really pleased so far. They're dense and moist and very pumpkin-y!

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                  You could even leave as is, or dust w/ powdered sugar to make it easy.

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                    I was considering that...but bf is eyeing the icing think I i'll try it - lol.

                    1. re: lovessushi

                      Just an update-used non fat milk in the end. Came out amazing. Thanks everyone for All the advice!