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Nov 21, 2012 10:57 AM

Mushroom gravy - on your Thanksgiving table?

Is this a staple on anyone else's Thanksgiving table? A few years ago we served both turkey and mushroom gravy and everyone fell in love with the mushroom gravy and so the turkey gravy has somehow fallen off the menu. However, there are a few newbies this year who request turkey gravy. Does anyone just serve mushroom gravy or have tips to make just a small batch of turkey gravy?

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  1. We always just have regular turkey gravy. Just take some of the drippings and mix with some flour and then add however much stock or broth you need to make the gravy. Then season with salt and pepper to taste.

    Can you share your mushroom gravy recipe? I love mushrooms!

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      Unfortunately, I don't actually make it, it's my aunt's specialty but I'll see if I can scope out the recipe tomorrow.

    2. Sweat a pound of any mushrooms you want in a saute pan. No butter/oil. When they have released any water they have set aside to add it later to the stock you'll be using. Add a couple of TBL's of butter. The now dry mushrooms will soak up the butter. Brown nice and slow with a big sweet onion finely chopped. When golden brown sprinkle some flour. to coat. When the flour is toasted a bit but not scorched add a few cups of boiling hot turkey or whatever stock. Do this step all at once. Don't 'dribble' the stock in. Stir stir stir. Add a cup or two of hot not boiling heavy cream. S&P to taste. Grate some nutmeg in to taste. You have to sort of work at getting the thickness to your taste. A bit more stock maybe? A bit more cream?

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      1. Sounds great BUT nothing but the real thing for T-Day. Have been eating T-Day feast with brother and his wife's side of family for several years. First year I went, asked right away what I could do. Brother was CAPABLY handling the turkey... knows what to do just fine. When he haule bird outta pan, I volunteered to make gravy... and was handed 2 JARS of "turkey" gravy?!? The roasting pan was LOADED with lots of what I call good brown GUNK?? I was confused & brother just kinda rolled his eyes. Said I needed some flour, water and a jar/container to shake it up in. Froom that day on... think I became the Guru of Gravy to a bunch of VERY SWEET, but clueless people. Hate to even think how many T-Day got all that great GUNK just tossed??