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Nov 21, 2012 10:57 AM

Christmas dinner near Nashua

Just found out my inlaws will be driving up on Xmas Day. We'll have been out all day and not able to prep a dinner. Anyplace around Nashua we can go? Nothing fancy as the kids will be exhausted.

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  1. I've been watching for a Nashua suggestion and sorry nobody has responded. Could be eating out on Christmas Day with tired children is not a good idea at all. Do you have a slow cooker? You could leave a pot roast or beef stew cooking. I think a chicken pot pie already cooked and just re-heated might also work. Have some vegetables prepped before you go out. Or maybe just have a good, hearty soup. Pick up some nice rolls or bread the day before. Also buy your favorite pie. Make some homemade cookies the weekend before. Just keep it simple. Good luck!

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      I don't know about Nashua but growing up in New York you could always count on Chinese restaurants to be open on Christmas day. Without Chinese restaurants, us Jewish folk would starve on Christmas. Good luck.

    2. I did not see your post till today but marthas exchange on main street does a lovely dinner

      1. My first thought was also Chinese, but I've looked at several websites with no mention of their being open.
        Another thought would be a hotel, Speaker's Corner, not appearing to be open. Tara I didn't check as I thought it would be less casual for some reason.
        How about Red Arrow? Since they are open 24hours?

        I agree with dfrost. Have something you can either buy or make ahead and reheat that night, less stress on all. You and family will be out and about and just want to be home for the night, the in-laws driving to get there will too just want to be able to get there and relax. Even if you all enjoy sandwiches together so be it. You can always go out Wednesday if you all feel like it.

        I thought there was a post last year "What is Open in Nashua Christmas" or something like that, but a search did not get any hits. Maybe it was another area.

        1. Thanks. They have changed their plans and are now coming up the day after yay!