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Nov 21, 2012 10:21 AM

Kinkead's to close in December

I never actually got to eat there; it was on my short list when I moved here in 2003 but then I started hearing about quality issues and never made it out. Did I miss anything? Should I try to get in before it closes?

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  1. OK, so I guess I am revealing my age, but I was a fan of Kinkead's earlier restaurant, 21 Federal. Never really enjoyed Kinkead's as much, partly because it is so out-of-the-way. I love fish and so I tried Kinkead's several times but although nothing was ever wrong, nothing was ever outstanding or memorable. I did like the fact that the tables were far enough apart and the acoustics were good enough that you could hear yourself and your companion when using normal speaking voices.

    Now I'm wondering - would I rather steady and reliable or a place that occasionally thrills and occasionally falls flat (thinking of Passionfish in Reston).

    Wonder what, if anything, will be Mr. Kinkead's next act?

    1. Not too long ago that Kinkeads was rated the top restaurant in DC. When I went it was good but very underwhelming considering its high ranking. It's all about the food and they failed to match quality to their lofty reputation

      1. You didn't miss much, more hype than memorable. You have to watch out in DC for trendiness. DC people tend to be focused more on brand name than what is good. I guess the lobbying/government culture is more about going along to get along.

        1. Darn!............I had heard they had Fried Clams and since we will be in DC Christmas-New Years, thought we might try

          1. In its heyday - it was very good and the fried belly clams were great. . . he best I have ever had. Clams shack fare presented in a white tablecloth setting. The last ten years or so it hasn't performed anywhere near its vaunted heyday.

            No point in going now it is just a passable "expense account" lunch spot and Kennedy Center crowd.