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Nov 21, 2012 10:20 AM

What Are You Making Besides Thanksgiving Dinner for the Holiday?

If you're like me, you will have a houseful of guests through Sunday - which means a lot of meals other than Thanksgiving! We're going out to dinner on Friday and Saturday, but that still leaves three breakfasts and three lunches, as well as noshing in between. There will be Thanksgiving leftovers of course, primarily turkey sandwiches (must buy some good bread). We're having cheese and crackers and some spreads for Thansgiving apps, and I'm anticipating there will be plenty leftover to snack on. I'm planning to make polenta with poached eggs and artichokes one morning. I'm thinking I should make a big pot of some kind of soup as well (although I have nowhere to put it until I get the turkey out of my fridge). What are you all making?

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  1. We are having 48 people over for thanksgiving dinner and we don’t do anything traditional, this years theme is celebration of the Sea with Lobster as the main course. Therefore for the 30+ people who will be attending breakfast on Friday we are doing a sampling of smoked salmons, (8 different types of salmons, each smoked three different ways. There will be homemade bagels, a plethora of fresh fruit and a couple of scramble and casserole dishes that feature fish items.

    Lunch will be a fun left-over war with three retired chefs creating the dishes in a quasi competition for the guests.

    Dinner that evening will a much lighter affair, salads, light soups, vegetables and some simple pasta dishes.

    Saturday night though we go all out again with smoked prime rib as being the main course.

    1. We're eating out tonight, and Friday morning I'm going to make a breakfast w/ biscuits, sausage and bacon, and eggs. I think we'll eat out on Friday for lunch, then leftover sandwiches for dinner. Not sure on Saturday yet. My folks fly home Saturday evening so I just need to worry about lunch. Breakfast will probably just be simple stuff.