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Is Ben's Chili Bowl worth a visit?

Is this icon worth the trip? Thanks.

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  1. No. If you are going to be in the hood, then go to Oohs And Aahs instead. Get the shrimp and grits.

    1. If you're into the halfsmokes and history and tourist thing, yes. Just lower your expectations accordingly. The chili is pretty bland.

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        Totally agree. It's a place to go once.

        1. re: Bob W

          I disagree; it's a place to go several times but only after you've drunk 6 beers at the 9:30 Club.

      2. Only if you are into DC political theater. It is iconic only because it survived through the riots, the METRO construction, and because anyone who is anyone in the political scene in DC eats there at least once. One of Bill Cosby's favorite places, but he'll eat anything. Only he and President Obama can eat free there.

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          Wow- not exactly enthusiastic reviews!

          1. re: dinwiddie

            Interesting that you don't see those two around there very often. Not reall a ringing endorsement.

          2. Yes. Stop on the sidewalk and have a companion take a picture, then move on. Oohs and Aahs I second. Florida Ave Grill is also iconic. Okay food (also soul food), though it's been years since I've been.

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              I was at Florida Ave Grill recently. It's a decent place to go, but not for the half-smoke which is more like a kielbasa.

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                The only places that I know of that sell the coarse-grind Mangers halfsmokes from Baltimore are Bens and Canales Meats in Eastern Market. At the latter, you can buy them hot off the roller for a couple bucks or by the pound, mild or spicy. I prefer the spicy. Everybody else's "halfsmokes" are just big, caseless hotdogs.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  No doubt the very best way to eat a half smoke is to get the spicy version from Canales in Eastern Market and blacken it yourself in a pan. A 5-star chowhound delight. I also really like the ground chuck at Canales, 85% lean, my favorite in the area.

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                    You seem to really be on top of things. Any suggestions for Italian food that allows corkage fees instead of, or in the alternative to overpriced wine lists?


                    1. re: WineCounselor

                      This is not my area of specialty, but I think most places allow corkage, with a fee. The question is: what kind of place are you looking for?

                      Fanciest: Fiola (risotto excels here), Tosca.
                      Some really outstanding dishes with lower cost, Bibiana.
                      SImpler homemade pasta dishes, also outstanding, Siroc

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                        some ideas here for Italian food and wine
                        DC by law allows corkage but it isn't universal at restaurants

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                          Dino permits corkage, and in fact has free corkage Monday thru Wednesday. However, it also has a huge Italian wine list and is extremely well priced.

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                        I have been remiss in not getting to the market for a while - but the last time I was there - Union Meats had the rollers with hot dogs and half-smokes. Has the elder Canales brother added a machine to his stall as well?

                  2. Yes, if you're drunk and hungry past midnight.

                    I'm actually a sucker for the potato salad.

                    1. Yes - Bens is great if you want a chili half-smoke with mustard and onions. It hasn't changed in years and those of us who grew up here eating there still love the place.

                      We do not reject our favorites places because they have become popularized by TV shows or dismiss them as touristy.

                      But it is a greasey spoon - don't expect anything else. If you want a something more, leave it to the rest of us. . .

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                      1. as others have said, worth a special trip? no. if it's late and you've had a few belts and are in the neighborhood anyway? why the hell not.

                        but you may want to stop off for a roll of tums after.

                        1. As others have mentioned, the main reason to come here is after a late show at the 9:30 Club or Black Cat. You should be drunk enough that you can barely walk straight. It's at moments like these that a chili half smoke tastes divine, and the reason why Ben's is still populated by locals.

                          I would not come here without getting drunk first.

                          1. Definitely go for the vibe and lower your expectations on the food. It's quite fun around 2AM.

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                              Agreed. Like Papaya King in NYC. For most tourists, one visit and a photo in front and you're done.

                            2. Yeah. Go at least once. You probably won't go again, but it's worth the visit the first time. The half smokes are great and the chili is mediocre. It's also not cheap for a sausage/big hot dog.

                              1. It's kind of a running joke among my friends that though we've been living in DC for 3.5 years, we've never seen Ben's in daylight. Only after alcohol-sodden evenings on U St. It's a great place to end a night, IMO (and from what I can remember). The late-night crowd is a lot of fun.

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                                  If you think the crowd is fun now you should have seen it late night pre-gentrification. Punks, pimps, cops, and junkies . . . That was a fun crowd!

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                                    Your characterization is awful. I worked at Source Theatre on 14th st in its heydey (circa 1982), when we had 3 spaces operating and I was striking stets and installing scenery past midnight. The crowd at ben's back then was a mix of all kinds of people who worked late and might be in that neighborhood. Howard University Hospital is not that far, for example.

                                    Before it got late I would not go to Ben's because I had a plethora of soul food joints to visit closer to the theatre, even next door where the Standard is now, and another right across the street.

                                    1. re: Steve

                                      What's awfulness about it - it was great . . . . We loved it!

                                      Like hanging out with the working girls and cross-dressers at the Sip and Bite in Baltimore . . . . The scene, was what it was, and we loved it.

                                      1. re: drewpbalzac

                                        "Ah, the sweet used-to-be."

                                        Tennessee Williams.

                                        1. re: Steve

                                          "You want that with chili - mustard - and onions?"
                                          Counter person at Ben's last week.

                                          "Yes please, on both of them!"

                                2. Just go to a Nats game in the spring and get one...if you can stand the line that is...