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are my green beans goners?

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I bought a bag of fresh green beans last week and froze them. I defrosted them yesterday and they are disappointingly pretty soft now. I was planning on blanching them, adding some butter and shallots, salt and pepper and a splash of lemon and then sauteeing. Have I ruined the green beans by freezing them, or will blanching them tomorrow not make them even more limp?

Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. For future reference you should blanch the green beans before freezing. Maybe if you blanch and then shock in ice water it might liven them up? I happen to like my green beans cooked soft rather than crisp so I never have this problem..:-)

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      I find frozen green beans are always softer than fresh, this may just be what you get.

      +1 on blanch first then freeze.

    2. Blanching then freezing fresh beans and expecting to end up with anything edible is a myth. I've tried many times but the beans always end up being limp and soggy.

      1. If you cook them in tomato sauce till they're soft, they taste great

        1. I tried blanching them but they were absolutely terrible. Had to throw them away.

          1. Have not come up with a good method either BUT I don't throw them away. Use them up in stews. You're still getting good nutrition from them.

            1. Yes you have 'ruined' the beans by freezing then.