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Nov 21, 2012 09:00 AM

Dinner NOT in French Quarter

I have a long weekend in NO and I'm looking for a nice place to go for dinner on a Saturday night . Looking for New Orleans food, not too crowded not too expensive. Something in the Garden District? Or near Carrolton? Atchafalaya? Johynny K? Is Mosacas worth the drive? Thanks

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  1. If it's just you, Mosca's is definitely not worth the drive. It's family style dishes and you'd want at least four people. Atchafalaya is good but I think it's expensive; entrees $25-$30. Check the menu and see what you think though. Joey K's has decent all you can eat fried catfish, red beans & sausage, and a few other "New Orleans" (using that term very loosely) dishes in addition to stuff like chicken fried steak and fried chicken. Again, they have a menu online, give it a look. Also look at the websites/menus for Mandina's, Casamento's, and Manale's (although Manale's is pretty pricey too).

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        I like Ross' suggestion and would add Brigtsen's for consideration.

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          I remember Mandinas from years ago and liked it. I heard good things about Brigsten's. Any thoughts about places in Bywater (Elizabeth's?) or Marigny (Adolfos? Three Muses?)

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            Adolfos, Three Muses, and Petite Grocery aren't "New Orleans Food." If you're open to other cuisines, your options expand exponentially, and I would have made different recommendations in the first place.

      2. Ye Olde College Inn out on South Carrolton is actually pretty good, and they are reasonably priced. Plus you are right next door to the jointly-owned Rock'n'Bowl, in case you are in the mood to hear a little music after dinner, for a full evening-in-New Orleans experience..

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          Atchafalaya is a good call nice bruch too...

          1. Restaurant August...Just short of the FQ