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Nov 21, 2012 08:22 AM

Not "the norm" desserts to take to someone's house or have at your house for Thanksgiving.

The typical Thanksgiving desserts of pumpkin pie, apple or pear pie, pecan pie are grand and delicious of course. We'll be taking our contributions and not sure who is doing the desserts or what they'll be. Our DS#2 said to bring whatever would be different. I'm making and taking a few things, deviled eggs my way, relish plate, appetizers and 'this' for dessert.

"cinnamon roll-biscuit-croissant vanilla bean custard bread pudding"

4 cat head sized cinnamon rolls
4 croissants
4 large biscuits
heavy cream
vanilla bean split/scraped
white sugar+brown sugar
flour+butter+vanilla infused white & brown sugar for the crumble on top

Is anyone doing a little something different for Thanksgiving desserts this year?

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