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Nov 21, 2012 08:20 AM

Momofoku Ko Lunch & Peter Luger dinner same day?

Hi all
So here's my dilemma.

I made a 12pm lunch reservation at Momofoku Ko, at the same time the wife made a reservation at Peter Lugers at 7.45pm, same day.

Do I cancel one? If so, which one? Or is it possible to do both in the same day without having a Mr. Creosote moment at the end?

Thanks all.

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  1. Depending on your stomach capacity, you may be too full after lunch at Ko to enjoy a steak dinner. You will finish your lunch at Ko at about 3:00. I am never even slightly hungry for dinner after the lunch at Ko (and I have a very good appetite). I'm not much of a Peter Luger fan, so I would vote to cancel your dinner reservation.

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      Hi ellenost,

      Just curious is the Momofuku lunch menu the same or different from dinner? I assume it is easier to get a reservation at lunch? When I was in NYC I had only tried their dinner (and it was when it first opened). Is there any significant change to their dishes or style?

      Thanks! kobetobiko

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        The Ko lunch menu is very different from the dinner menu; they try not to repeat dishes between the two except for the shaved foie gras. Lunch is only Fri, Sat, Sun, though, and dinner is all week.

        From their site:
        "dinner is a set tasting menu devised by the chef and his aides de camp, and it is usually about 10 courses long; at lunch the menu stretches out to 16 courses."

        Note: I don't think their site is counting the amuse and palate cleansers as actual courses.

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          Welcome back kobetobiko! I'm at Ko right now enjoying dinner (in between courses). As kathryn correctly points out lunch (other than the foie gras) is completely different. I do find lunch reservations are a bit easier than dinner. My favorite soft cooked egg with hackleback caviar, onion soubise and fingerling potato chips is served only at dinner; there is a puffed egg in a bacon daishi broth at lunch. Food wise: style has remained delicious after 4 years of fairly regular visits.

      2. IMO it is definitely too much for one day.
        After my lunch at Ko I was blissed out for hours and quite full.
        I'd hate to have to prepare for a steak meal immediately following.

        I'd say cancel Peter Lugers. Ko is one of the best meals I've had in my life, and a very tough reservation to score.
        Peter Lugers is amazing, but not as much so as Ko; it has been there forever, and will be there forever, and you'll always be able to get a table.

        1. Depending on your stomach capacity, really. Ko and Luger meals are doable in the same day if you have a LARGE appetite.

          Can you push the Luger res to later in the evening? Like 9pm?

          1. We went to Ko for lunch over Labor Day weekend and followed up with the pasta tasting dinner at Maialino that evening, so I do think it is possible. I would definitely try to move the Peter Lugers reservation a little later and do some walking around in between. And if you are choosing, I've never been to Peter Lugers, but I love Ko and I would definitely choose Ko.

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            1. re: mlc66

              Thanks guys for the replys. I'll see if I can push Lugers back, if not I'll just go with Momofokus.

              1. re: JohnRC

                Keep in mind even with a 7:45pm reservation, they will actually seat you around 8:15. You probably won't get your steak until 8:45pm at the earliest. I had a 7:45pm reservation tonight, waited half an hour to sit, I don't think we got our steak until 9pm.

            2. i dont see a problem here, i see a very good day of eating. i would push back the Luger reservation or cancel it because Ko is great and I feel it is a harder reservation to get.