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Nov 21, 2012 07:42 AM

North Austin Truck Yard W Anderson and Lamar

Have any of you eaten at any of these trucks and if so which ones and how were they.

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  1. Moo-b-oink has good sandwiches. I don't like the Greek place at all. The noodle place always has a line, but the last time I went, it wasn't noodle weather.

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    1. re: amysuehere

      Thanks I think I'll try lunch there today.

    2. Don't care for Snarkys moo bawk oink. We like JohnnyT's BBQ. You must get the green beans. I have been waiting for a chilly day to try the gumbo at Louisiana Wild.

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      1. re: ssnclrk

        Just got back from NATY and here's what we found. I got the Bahn mi from Snarky's, not bad. One other got the jerk chicken and said it was pretty good, one got the cheese steak and it was made with chopped brisket. Not exactly cheese steak material. Dave got a shrimp po boy fro Louisiana Wild and claimed it was really good. Johnny T's was closed as was the Greek place. The hot dog trailer was open and that was about it. All in all, I think we'll go back and try some other selections. I'm interested in trying the gumbo and the red beans and rice.

        1. re: ericthered

          There was no La. place there when we went or I would have tried that. Only ones there when I went was Snarky's, the Greek place the noodle place and the hot dog place (but it wasn't open)

      2. Is the veggie/vegan burger place closed? I enjoyed my burger when I was there.

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        1. re: Carter B.

          Looked to be closed but then again there were only three of the six trailers open. Considering what today is I'm not at all surprised they were closed.

        2. I too was well underwhelmed by the greek place.