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Nov 21, 2012 07:27 AM

Dish of the Month- November 2012

Seared fillets of hare with chestnuts and a mushroom and pepper sauce.- Rules

Perfectly cooked , still pink slices of hare fillet. A deep rich sauce of the kind you keep going back to after you have finished the main components. Also a pancake as light as you like.
Superb cooking.

35 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden

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  1. Sounds absolutely delicious! And Rules is such a beautiful space as well.

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    1. re: klyeoh

      It's good to see hare on a menu. So rarely done - even by places that happily cook wild rabbit

      1. re: Harters

        Yes I do like hare and the missus had the hare hot pot which was fantastic.
        I was going to have it but thought a hare starter and hare main might be a bit much.
        Did have rabbit offal starter and braised hare main last time out at St John so maybe I should have done!

    2. We've not been overwhelmed by the food offerings this month (and are unlikely to be overwhelmed by offerings in the closing days). So, I'll have to vote for the venison fillet and mini venison pie at Gimbals, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire. But it's a vote I cast without too much enthusiasm - except for it being local Bambi and bang-on for seasonality. And it's helping me to reconnect with venison - something I used to eat often but it fell out of favour with me soem years back.

      1. Nice one keeping this series up!

        For me, 'T22' ramen at bone daddies in soho - actually all their varieties - I've been back four times in the past two weeks! Average noodles but incredibly tasty broths - both chicken and the pork for the tonkotsu. Highlight has to be the eggs- amazing orange molten yolk and punchily seoasoned exterior. Best ramen I've has outside of Japan (and including some varieties there)

        1. Mine would be burrata, parasol mushroom and truffle at Kitchen Table, London

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          1. re: ManInTransit

            That is talking to me... in pictures of food, in my head. Gulp!

          2. Mallard 2 ways (for 2) at the Anchor & Hope: confit legs, roasted carcass, breasts roasted medium rare. Perfectly presented. The confit legs were served on top of braised endive and some kind of semolina-derived polenta substitute.

            The rest of the meal was also great but was overshadowed by the mallard: smoked mackerel with celeriac, pickled herring with horseradish and beet root, pear/walnut/frisee salad, cassoulet for two, flourless chocolate cake and a scoop each of ginger and vanilla ice cream.

            Anchor & Hope
            36 The Cut
            SE1 8LP

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            1. re: MonkeyC

              I can just "taste" that mallard dish from here - sounds spectacular.

              1. re: klyeoh

                Yes, this was an entirely different species from your Bayswater duck adventures!