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Nov 21, 2012 07:15 AM

Help Salvaging a Cream Cheese Disaster!

My mom was making her very decadent, yummy cheesecake that calls for 5 packages CC, 3 T flour and 1.5 C sugar. Well she had a dyslexic moment and swapped the sugar and flour. After freaking out, she started over so the cheesecake is saved. But we're left with this blob of CC, flour, sugar and I hate to just throw it out. Seems there must be SOMETHING I could do with it. Any suggestions??

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  1. Try googling recipes for cheese latkes. I've never made or eaten them but recall seeing them on a cooking show. You'd need to add egg. The mixture is quite wet and is fried in at least 1/4" of oil.

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      Great idea! Just looked it up, am adding ricotta too. Thanks!

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        What a brilliant idea! I never would have thought of that, yet when I read this, it seemed so obvious!

      2. maybe .....future use in ? me,cream of something soup,broccoli,potato,spinach,leek...
        perhaps corn or ? chowder

        If you break it into four parts,you will be down to 10oz of cream cheese,1 3/4 tsp of sugar and 3/8 c of flour.Not amounts that would have a negative effect on a decent size soup recipe.If you need to thin or reduce richness there is always water,more stock or even skim milk.The only bug is remembering the 30 minutes needed to "cook" the flour in the recipe you choose.

        divide into four,wrap and freeze and this is one time even lazy me would have a label with the measures on it and why

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          1. This would make a nice cream cheese pound cake with some additions

            1. You can use it in cream cheese pie crust, or in cookies. Pecan tassies would be nice this time of year.