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Nov 21, 2012 07:09 AM

Happy my fellow SoFla Foodies.....

Just a quick Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow SoFla foodies.......This is "our" holiday as its about in no particular order!.....If it weren't for this site....I wouldn't have visited so many interesting places.....and then have the opportunity to report back.....I do wish this site was a little busier....I spend a lot of time on hold during my business day.....and like to hit this site while waiting for my customers to make up their minds!

And this site has really influenced the way I run my 'side business' on the weekends.....As it reminds me that someone is taking note of what I do....and how I do it!

Its been a bumpy year but so much to be thankful for......Happy Thanksgiving!

Ft. Pierce, FL

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  1. And the same to you, EMac. Have a wonderful and delicious holiday!

    1. Same to you and yours, EMac!

      Btw, does your BBQ biz have a website you'd be willing to share?

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      1. re: sn7979

        I'm working on that website! Should be up before the end of the year! Thanks for inquiring!

        Ft. Pierce, FL