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Nov 21, 2012 06:57 AM

Flavored salts recipes ?

As I plan on making some for gifts for X-mas, any recommandations would be great. thanks

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  1. Vanilla. You can just stick a scraped-out vanilla pod in the salt for a few weeks, but it won't show. If you want to pack it into clear jars, use sea salt and add some powdered vanilla.

    Citrus peel. I mix grated citrus peel with rough sea salt, let dry and grind in a mortar. My mother peels lemons and lets the rind dry and then pulverizes it in a coffee grinder to mix with salt or use as is.

      1. I just gave lovage salt for a gift. (I know this is not a practical idea because noone has lovage plants. Nonetheless . . . . )

        I had made some in the summer with lovage flower heads and leaves. But noticed at the end of the season that the dried stalks are really strongly scented. So I made a batch with some dried stalks and sea salt. Think it will be nicely flavored. Like celery, anise, maybe lemon. Just like lovage tastes.