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Which brand of ham?

Last year I actually through our ham out. It was spongy and had a green cast to it. I've never had such an awful ham.

I was thinking Cook's ham maybe? That's what my Cooks Illustrated cookbook recommends. Any other brands I should look for? I'm in NE Ohio.

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  1. Smithfield is good. Or, if you can go buy one and there is a Honeybaked Hams near you, go that route. :)

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      I love Honeybaked!! I just can't afford one this year )-:

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        I feel that Smithfield hams available in the grocery store are exactly the texture that the OP wants to avoid. Honeybaked hams are not something you buy to cook yourself.

      2. Probably not exactly what you're asking about, but the Jambon Royale they sell at Whole Foods is amazing - sort of halfway between prosciutto and regular ham. But that's a sandwich (or omelet!) ham, not a baking ham.

        1. I think with hams you need to pick your price point, because they vary from $2/lb to $10/lb or much more -- e.g. for an extreme example, see http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyl...

          Cook's is on the low end. I order from Nueske's (http://www.nueskes.com) which I think is in the middle price-wise.

          1. This is really good. http://www.harringtonham.com/

            It's less sweet than others.

            1. I've had both, and I much prefer the Costco's spiral cut ham over the Honeybaked, which I thought was an unbelievable ripoff, money AND price-wise.
              Otherwise, if you can get a country ham and learn how to prepare it, hang on to your hat- it's a lot of work but amazing.

              1. Have a Detroit area friend ship you a Dearborn Sausage ham. I swear by them.

                1. In Northeast Ohio you may be able to get Leidy's Pennsylvania Dutch Farm fresh. Very high quality and I believe they are not pumped like so many other brands.

                  1. I have had great luck with Smithfield, Harrington's of Vermont, and also Allen Benton's, though he is known for his "Country Ham," and that is a different "creature."

                    Good luck,