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Nov 21, 2012 06:45 AM

Raijin Ramen and Guu

Anyone been to Raijin Ramen? Good? Is it crazy busy there? Looking for a place to take my cousin for casual dinner in that area. Also, is the Gerrard location of Guu still crazy busy?

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  1. Broth is super milky, good noodles, not busy when I went (lunch, Saturday). Very roomy. No licence yet. The char siu is better at Santouka. They're in soft open right now though, so keep that in mind.

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      1. re: jlunar

        Yeah, Santouka Thurs 8 pm, 20 people in line. Raijin Weds 8 pm, 2/3 full.

        I was happy to find they have ramen in chicken broth - I actually don't like pork but enjoy ramen - so I went for it. But the broth is too light, it's really missing the full richness of the pork broth.

        Their noodles have nice texture but stronger alkaline taste then others - you can visually tell because they are of a darker colour.

        Trivia: Raijin means Thunder God.

        1. re: Teep

          Teep! I was there last night too! XD

          I've had all three pork broths now and I think the plain miso is the best. It's got a great robust flavour. Found that their bowls are huge though. I can eat a whole one, but it's nap time afterward.

          Their gyoza is really light - thin wrapper, not-packed filling. You could pass on their karaage right now.

          1. re: jlunar

            I'm trying it tonight. Truth is I'm not an expert on ramen though. Sounds delicious though.

            1. re: pescatarian

              I had a good experience. Got there early at 5:10. They told me nicely that they weren't open til 5:30. I was meeting my dining companion at 5:30 anyway, so I just sat on the bench at the front while they were getting ready to open. By the time they opened, there was a line waiting outside. As soon as they were open, the hostess took me and my companion to our table. The whole staff welcomed us as we were seated. It was a nice touch (don't know if this is common in ramen joints). I had the miso ramen and added the preserved egg. It was delicious and hearty, albeit a little salty. The service was excellent overall.

      2. Tried to go to raijin last sat...…not sure if this was just because they were in the soft opening phase, but at 2:30 pm on a Saturday when two possibly 3 of your competitors within walking distance and are open for services at the time when you are closed….take my rather simple advice...might want to re-think this...…suffice to say, last saturday, walked in, was told they were closed and come back at 5pm….sorry, computer says no to that. Guess your doing AOK in this economy and given how much you must be bleeding $$$ from your delays to turn away any business.

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        1. re: limitedtimeoffer

          But it is a soft opening and they were closed. What would you like them to do? Take you when when the restaurant is closed?

          1. re: pescatarian

            actuallly, if you read my comment, it was not clear if this was because of the soft openning or whehther they intend to be closed from 2:30-5:30...if the latter, bad idea. if soft openning etc. to get up to speed, fine but put a closed sign on the door then...BTW, this place is worth waiting for and Santouka, is not...well, in fact, no ramen is worth waiting for in line IMO.

        2. Are the Ramen places the new Izakayas
          Check out the lineups outside Santouka today!

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          1. re: elvisahmed

            It was longer last Saturday - we were past the building's edge. So we went to Raijin instead. No line!

            1. re: elvisahmed

              first 100 on each of 23-25 get a coupon for a free bowl another day. ramen is fine but i am not waiting in a line for it cuz even ippudo in Hakata (the flagship shop) is not ever worth that IMO.

              1. re: limitedtimeoffer

                Oh Now it makes sense I was wondering why would there be a lineup midday. limitedoffer I guess I am averse to waiting and now even avoid Guu because of that.

              2. re: elvisahmed

                As jlunar mentioned the lineup on Saturday was almost double this....and I'm talking about 11:45 am...

              3. I'm probably in the minority, but I actually prefer Raijin over Santouka. Tried the kara-miso at Santouka first, and loved it, but was a bit disenchanted with the shio when I went again last Friday. Service was not the best at Santouka (3 dishes/glasses were shattered over 3 different occasions; waitresses were extremely unattentive).

                Service at Raijin on the other hand was excellent, though that might have had something to do with the fact that the restaurant was far from full when I went. Tried the shoyu and the broth was wonderful. I also liked the noodles (much firmer than the ones I recently had at Santouka, although I probably should have requested them to be done firmer). Pork at Raijin was wonderful, but the other toppings were not the best (half an egg, bean sprouts, some Chinese "choy sum." Still, I'd rather go to Raijin with the better service and without the lines for a bowl of ramen not much worse than that found at Santouka (but at cheaper prices!)

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