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Nov 21, 2012 06:29 AM

iso good make your own wine place....

I've never done this before so i don't know if these places differ by quality of grape varietals, recipes, process/equipment, etc.

looking for some recommendations for places that will leave my with a good end product....anywhere in the gta is fine....


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  1. I highly recommend Fermentations. I've only made beer and cider there but my parents have made wine. Great staff, really knowledgeable.

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    1. re: crawfish

      Have you tried making the Late Harvest Apple Wine? I'm interested in trying that and serving it for Christmas instead of Ice Wine.

      1. re: asagiri

        personally, OP could make some cheap wine and then transform it with a good glogg recipe and serve it warm with some pepparkakor...when you spice it up, one is less concerned with the absence of quality juice in the original product.

    2. I've never made wine at Fermentations, but I've made many batches of beer, and a few batches of cider as well, and they generally produce excellent stuff. I've tasted some of their wines, as well, and what I tried can certainly be compared favourably to some of what you find on LCBO shelves, and for a fraction of the cost.

      They make all kinds of things, and are quite knowledgeable about different brands, styles, varietals, nationalities, etc., so you shouldn't have a hard time communicating what you want, as long as you have a fairly clear idea. It might be an idea to pick a few LCBO examples as benchmarks for what you'd like to make.

      1. there is a team buy for a wine making experience, dont know how good they are but for the price it might be worth a shot..

        1. probably going to be critical to understand where they source their juice from.