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Nov 21, 2012 05:21 AM

Intimate wine restaurant

My husband and I are extending our trip to Chicago and looking for an intimate wine bar to eat and drink at on a Sunday evening in December. We are staying at the Drake on Walton St. Any suggestions for an intimate place with maybe even a fireplace? Something romantic with a decent wine list (and maybe even wine flights). Y'all have bee so helpful so far, thanks again!

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  1. I haven't been there in a long time, but I think the Tasting Room on Randolph might have a vibe you are looking for. I can't recall if there is a fireplace or not. But there is lounge-y furniture and a great view.

    1. Cru reopened on Delaware and Rush (three blocks). Still not great (very good though) from a wine list or food perspective, but convenient and nice atmosphere.

      Tasting room is not terribly romantic, it's big and open, but has a nice view of the city. Much better list than the others.

      Bin36 is too commercial feeling, thought the cheese bar is always quite good.

      Alpana Sing's new restaurant, the Boarding House, may be open by then and surely this will be a wine focused restaurant rather than a wine bar.

      1. Pop's for Champagne has (not surprisingly) a killer champagne list, as well as a decent wine list. The room is nice and the few plates that I have had there have been very good. RM Champagne Salon seemed liked it could be a very romantic room and also has a killer champagne list and a very good wine list. I was only there once and I don't exactly remember the food options. You might be able to get something more substantial from Nellecote (next door) if you ask nicely.

        Here are some links to menus and wine lists (probably not too current):

        Pops for Champagne
        601 North State Street at Ohio
        Chicago, Illinois 60654
        Phone 312.266.7677

        116 North Green Street
        Chicago, IL 60607
        Phone: (312) 243-1199