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Nov 21, 2012 12:32 AM

Gravy for thanksgiving?

Did a quick search, didn't find anything. Anyone recommend somewhere to pick up gravy for thanksgiving? We used to get it from clementine, but wondering if anyone has other suggestions? Thanks! Happy turkey day.

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  1. I used to find Tone's powdered turkey gravy mix in a plastic container at either Costco or
    Sams this time of year, quite good especially if you add some of the drippings from the turkey.

      1. Used to get Gelson's and Bristol Farms in a pinch. Both are fine, although occasionally salty. One other option (which may not be as convenient) is McGee's at Farmers Market. Yes, McGee's. We have found it to be better than B.F. or Gelsons in terms of that home-style flavor - and less salt.

        1. I just picked up the sides I ordered from The Larder at Tavern in Brentwood. Their gravy is fantastic and I noticed that there were still a few containers in the case. Everything else is by special order.I also bought their yummy mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. This is the third year I have brought these sides. Everyone loves them. If you want the gravy, I suggest giving them a call and asking them to hold some for you. 310 806 6464