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Nov 20, 2012 09:46 PM

Place to buy bulk couscous?

Does anyone know where to buy couscous in bulk in LA area? Preparing big Moroccan style dinner in a couple of weeks and was planning to buy 10 lb bags from Amazon -- only to find just now that they are out of stock!!

Are there any Middle Eastern or North African groceries that anyone can point me to?

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  1. I would buy it at WinCo (which has consistently low prices for bulk grains) or a Sprouts but they might not have enough.

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    1. re: GoodEatz

      Both Winco and Sprouts use bulk bags to re-fil their bulk barrels and you could probably talk to the manger about buying one of those bags...


    2. Super King markets will have a large selection and stock of grains at low prices, and they sell so much of the stuff that turnover will keep stock fresh(if that matters) and they have good inventory in that particular section of the store. I have only seen 24oz bags of grains though. I think I saw 3 kind of couscous when I looked.

      1. Sprouts sells couscous in their bulk bins -- maybe they can give you a discount for buying one of the bulk bags.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I had forgotten about Sprouts and all their great bulk items. And never heard about WinCo or Super King.... I will most definitely check them out. Couscous, here I come!

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            My son in California buys regular couscous (not instant) at Henry's Market for $ 1.50 per pound. Henry's he emailed was Sprouts' formerly.

            He cooks his not in a couscoussier, but using a stainless steel pasta pot with an insert, over a North African stew base. He cooks it three times as I recall: Oiled, steamed, fluffed with a fork, then repeated two more times. I doubled in size when he cooked it for us.

            Really excellent that way. Flavourful and nutty.

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              I shop at Super King all the time. They do not sell couscous in bulk.