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Can I turn cranberry chutney recipe into pear chutney recipe by just subbing pear for cranberry?

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I want to use this recipe but just substitute chopped pear for cranberry. Would it work?

ETA: Okay I found a recipe for roasted pear chutney so I may try that rather than trying this substitution.

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  1. My computer is too slow for looking at your recipe but for sure, you will have to cut the sugar by at least half. Also, consider a pear-cranberry combination, which is a popular one.

    1. My guess would be cut the sugar at least in half, and that you might need to reduce the amount of liquid - I think the pear will release a lot more liquid than the cranberries will.

      1. Thank you both. I went ahead and tried this recipe before seeing your replies, it came out really good. I left out the raisins/currants and red pepper flakes.
        I will try the other with your suggested modifications next time, thank you!