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Nov 20, 2012 08:33 PM

Pie Question from a non-baker

Husband has asked that I make an Apple Crumble pie for Thanksgiving (guessing I can survive that without a major disaster). My question is: Can I bake it tomorrow or should I do it on Thursday?



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  1. Crumbles should be cooked the day they will be eaten. I thrown mine into the oven as we sit down to eat the turkey, etc. You could make the crumble tomorrow though to make the assembly easier.

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      I agree. I knock myself out on Thanksgiving making everything fresh and the same day.

    2. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is fine.

      1. Definitely Thursday for optimally crisp crust and topping. If you are making your own crust you can do both that (even rolling and lining the pan, then tightly wrapped and chilled) and preparing the crumble, on Wednesday. Then prepping the apples, assembling, and baking won't take long on Thurs.

        1. If you were asking earlier, I would say to prepare it and freeze it unbaked, saving the baking for Thanksgiving. Frozen pies bake up very nicely. (The same cannot, in my opinion, be said of defrosted already-cooked pies.) However, I am not sure it's worth it the day before -- but maybe it is for you! Otherwise I'd make up the crusts and crumbs, and save the apple prep and baking for tomorrow. I wouldn't prepare the apples ahead of time and just let them sit, as they will likely get overly brown and juicy.

          Good luck with your pie!