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Nov 20, 2012 07:44 PM

Bank Note Scotch Whisky

I am wondering if anyone is familiar with Bank Note Scotch whisky, a 5-year old blend produced by the family that owns A.D. Rattray, an independent bottler of Scotch whiskies.

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  1. I bought a bottle last week as a blend for cocktails. I've not made anything with it yet but have had a couple of tastes. It's nice on it's own. Fairly rich with some sweet fruit and vanilla just like it promises. I also got a little peat in there as well which was nice. The grain whisky component is clean. Nice full aroma. Apparently, 40% of the blend is single malt which is much higher than most. I'm hoping the extra proof will give it a solid presence when mixing. A very good value at $18.99 and better than the big name blends I've had that are $3-$4 more.

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      Thanks for your comments. It comes in a 1 liter bottle, which makes it an even better value for $19 or $20.

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        The bottle I bought from my local shop is a 750. I did see it for the first time when I came across it on K&L's site listed as 1L. Other online stores have it listed as a 750. I guess K&L does have an even better deal than everyone else.