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One Lunch & One Dinner

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Coming from L A for the day. Would love a few ideas for lunch & Dinner.We do not want to spend more than $45 a person (food only) for dinner and $25 for lunch.
Love Italian, pub type food, Continental, seafood, American... Had good meals at Spotted Pig and Angelo's in the past. Open to neighborhoods.

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  1. For lunch, maybe Ciano for Italian, they have a $20 3-course lunch prix fixe. Aldea is another good option for Portuguese with its $24 3-course lunch prix fixe.

    1. Thanks. Meant that I do not want to go above $45 (pre drinks) - less is fine

      1. Lavagna is a good restaurant that has a $32 prix fixe from 6:00-7:00pm except Sunday, when it's from 5:00-7:00pm. The prix fixe is your choice of an appetizer, entree and dessert from the menu (specials not included). However, even if you come later or/and order specials, you can still stay within your budget. http://lavagnanyc.com/menu/dinner/

        For lunch, it's wide open. If I were you, I'd stretch just slightly and get the $29 prix fixe lunch at Tocqueville because it's such a pleasant, elevated experience. But there are loads of other possibilities, including pastrami at Katz's, pizza at any of various places (the margherita at South Brooklyn in the East Village is good and a very downscale experience for eating in).

        1. Are you here on a weekday or a weekend? The prix fixe lunches mentioned are a great idea but some are only Mon-Fri or Mon-Sat.

          I'd recommend Pearl Oyster Bar for lobster rolls for lunch (weekday) or maybe a pizza place like Motorino, though you do have similar places in LA now. Maybe Txikito for dinner if you order carefully.

          If you liked Spotted Pig, look into the John Dory (probably too pricey though) and the Breslin.

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            Dinner: For good Italian that won't break the bank, Vice Versa.

          2. We just had a wonderful, albeit impromptu, dinner at the bar of A Voce (Madison location) and it was absolutely wonderful. Pretty sure it would fit your budget, I had a cured sardine app and branzino secondi (fish was perfect, composition was wonderful, the portion was generous), GF (a vegetarian) had burratina (this was ridiculously good) and cappeletti. With 3 glasses of wine, bottled water,a nd tax I think it was like $135. Take away the booze and I think your good.

            1. How about good old fasioned Italian - like an Italian grandmother would make?

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                29$ lunch menu at Felidia is delicious and truly Italian.. Not very old fashioned though...