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Nov 20, 2012 06:09 PM

Reykjavik Iceland

What & where is/are good chow there? Thanks

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  1. There is a place called The Pearl (Perla). It's in a big domed shape structure on top of a hill. It actually is where all teh hot water for Reyykjavic is storaed and distributed. There is a rotating restaurant in it that I've been told by many is quite good as is the view. I haven't been there as I found out about it the day I was leaving Iceland. I was there last week. It's expensive but then all restaurants are expensive in Iceland. There are many good restaurants in the downtown area as well. Lamb is very big there as they grow millions of sheep. Of course sea food is also big there. One interesting thing is.. everyone charges everything. I even charged a cup of coffee. I never even had possessionnof one krona. If you use a bank card with no transaction fees I recommend it (CapitalOne for example).

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      Thanks for the post. any specific spots to dine? How about Dill? So, are you suggesting using a debit card or using a credit card from Capital One?

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        Our favorite place was a tiny shack with long wooden benches. They serve very fresh fish kabobs called The Sea Baron. It is right on the water and the fish couldn't be fresher. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant...

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          I have a leeeengthy trip report that I'm almost finished writing and will post in the next few days. But the Sea Baron is great and the lobster soup was one of our top bites on the trip.

          There isn't a huge number of restaurants in Reykjavik but overall we did have some really excellent meals. Gotta finish that trip report!

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            Please, please please post your report ASAP. We leave really early Tuesday morning! Thank you.

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              Whoop! Ok I'll finish it up tomorrow!

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          We thought Dill was definitely worth it. Search Reykjavik for a trip report. If wine is your things, the pairings were all good, just don't expect high end wines. Given the level of the food you might expect a grand cru or premier cru Chablis, instead you get a good example of a petit Chablis.

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            I used a CapitalOne credit card for everything. I let them know when and where I was traveling so there would be no problems getting purchases approved overseas.

        3. Someone else on here was just there and has posted some stuff............and the risk of irking some Mod..............over on Roadfood.com, some guy has just detailed his trip there complete with wonderful photos

          1. I second Sea Baron's seafood soup. It has cinnamon and other spices-reminiscent of Thai curry.

            In general, you can't go wrong with lamb or arctic char. Other recs:

            Vegamot (Vegamotastigur 4)-in the heart of the city, eclectic fare.

            Baejarins Bestu - get the hot dog with everything. Near the waterfront, close to Harpa (highly recommend the tour, if not a concert there) and the flea market.

            Fish Market: Asian fusion. A splurge for dinner but very affordable for lunch. I got the salmon with sour cherry sauce, seaweed-powder dusted potatoes, and rawyellow-turnip salad with beans and dill. An avant-garde twist on salmon teriyaki and a steal at $16 incl tax and tip. http://fiskmarkadurinn.is/english/

            Convenience marts-skyr (similar to Greek yogurt), and surprisingly egg sandwiches are instense

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              We only have one day in Reykyavik-one lunch and one dinner. It sounds like every choice was great.

              Where would you go if you could only choose one lunch and one dinner? We love lamb and fish.

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                Sea Baron has to be your lunch pick. The lobster soup is so good I'd actually recommend you try and hit it twice with an early lunch at 11:30 and second lunch at 3:30.
                For dinner Fish Company is what you want to go for..they have great lamb as well as fish..I'd suggest the Around the World option.