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Nov 20, 2012 06:04 PM

steamed/roasted turkey? Has anyone tried the NYT Pepin recipe?

I'm interested in trying this for about a 20 pound bird, but my family is worried as they always love a wet brined result.

Has anyone tried this yet?

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  1. I haven't, Barbara K, nor am I likely to, since the task of steaming and then roasting is more challenging than I am interested in taking on. Besides, I've found that wet brinng wth lots of aromatics does a lot more than create a moist turkey, but also a deeply flavorful one, and I'm not interested in sacrficing that.


      Assuming that you make stock from the carcass, I disagree that steam/roast is extra work. You will need that big pot for the stock afterwards so it's no extra cleanup. I have an 8qt pasta pot with an insert that is great for making stock because lifting out the insert is easier than pouring the hot contents into a colander over yet another vessel.

      1. Report: we did this for our Thanksgiving Dinner. It was a small group, so we only did a turkey breast (bone in). The results were fantastic. A very nice crispy skin and moist meat. Labor was nothing out of the ordinary, and the steaming was easy. I used an upside down colander in our big pasta pot. I used a clean towel to move the steamed bird to the roaster. I ended up using a big dutch oven sans lid. The glaze was nice, and didn't distract from the meat. It wasn't "fancy" flavored, but it was pure, simple and clean classic turkey. It also gave the skin a lovely color. The timing was perfect. We removed it at the target temp as per recipe. We did not keep the turkey warm, as the recipe recommended. It rested on the counter, uncovered, and was carved about two hours afterwards. It was relatively warm, but just had reallly hot gravy. I played around with the gravy recipe a bit - it was all to taste. The glaze was followed as is. I would recommend this method, and I plan to do it again.