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Nov 20, 2012 05:56 PM

New Years Eve in Madrid

My daughter and I are traveling to Madrid Dec. 29-Jan 4 and are looking for some recommendations for a restaurant near within walking distance of our hotel on New Year's Eve. We're staying at the Palacio de Tepa (San Sebastian 2) and plan to walk to the puerto del sol at midnight. I'm looking for great food, $$ is not an issue, though I'd prefer a less formal atmosphere since she is 16. I'd love a place with a great wine list as well.

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  1. There's no many choices for New Year's Eve. Try "Los Galayos", next to the Plaza Mayor and near the Puerta del Sol.

    1. Keep in mind that a many restaurants charge an arm and a leg for special nochevieja dinners and they are set to go to midnight and beyond, so leaving early could be tricky. You might try one of the Grupo Oter restaurants--a group of restaurants that, in my experience, seems to do a pretty good job for these sorts of odd holiday meals when most people are at home (we've done Christmas with cooking-averse family members at their restaurants several times). They opened up a newish spot in the Barrio de las Letras, not far from Sol--El Barril de las Letras--you might try finding out if they're open on Nochevieja. It's a nice spot, not too formal, and specializes in simply-prepared, good-quality seafood.

      Another possibility is Viridiana. The food is more personal and interesting (and expensive). You can see the menu in Spanish here:

      1. My family will also be doing the same thing. We didnt want to just eat dinner and count down in a restaurant, and wanted a more party like experience.

        What we decided to do, since we cant afford the 350-400 Euro pp cotillons going around town, is to eat a giant late lunch, and just snack away all the way to midnight and beyond. We will also be at the Puerta Del Sol with the grapes for midnight. There are some hotel restaurants that do have more reasonable nochevieja dinners but that will essentially mean doing a countdown elsewhere.

        El Lando, my favourite restaurant in Madrid, is open for lunch that day.