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Nov 20, 2012 05:37 PM

Best way to reheat stuffing?

On Monday I baked a make-ahead stuffing, to practice it. Now I'm running out of time and may have to bring it to a Thanksgiving potluck.

Fortunately, it came out very, very wet, which should take care of any dryness issues when reheating.

But does anyone know the ideal temp, time to reheat it?? I'd appreciate specifics.

It's in a 13 x 9 inch casserole dish. The recipe called for a 10 x 15 one. The recipe called for 3 14 oz bags of croutons. I used only 3 7.5 oz bags. But did use all the broth the recipe called for, 7 cups of chicken broth. It was a very specific Cooks Illustrated recipe. Unfortunately it came out underseasoned, but I still may want to ressurect it if y'all think it can be passable to bring to Thanksgiving.

(Years ago I made a Saveur stuffing recipe from the 1800s which used a huge amount of fresh herbs (27?) Took forever but was much more tasty than this one. Oh, well. Maybe that's the price you pay for making make-ahead recipes.)

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  1. Btw, I found out the oven I'll reheat it in will be at 350 - anyone know how long an overstuffed 9 x 13 wet stuffing will take to reheat? Unfort. I'm unable to use the low-and-slow method this time...Thanks if you know

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      30 minutes. leave it uncovered to dry it out a bit. Don't worry. It is not fussy.

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        Thanks. I figured I'd cover it b/c the topping is brown already from being fully cooked Monday. Think it'll taste OK, 3 days after being baked? Thanks!

    2. I make it in advance but don't bake it until I need it baked.

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        Unfortunately, as I said, I already baked it. =(

      2. If it's still soggy, bake if to desired consistency on Wednesday, then briefly reheat it at the potluck.
        You really screwed up on the ingredients so I would not be surprised if by now the bread has dissolved into mush. Since the seasonings will concentrate as all that extra broth evaporates, it may come out too salty. That's why you need to finish it the day before. You may need to start all over from scratch.