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Nov 20, 2012 03:34 PM

Substituting coconut milk for dairy in pumpkin/butternut casserole/souffle?

Hi all, quick question - wondering if anyone has experience with the baking behavior of coconut milk if I use it to make a combo pumpkin+butternut squash polpette-casserole-souffle

Sorry for the excess in descriptions- but I am trying to make a lactose intolerant guest happy. I wanted a fluffy and yummy concoction that rises nicely (but does not sink like a souffle)

I am combining several ideas- the Italian polpette (with squash, parmesan, mascarpone, eggs) that bakes up like a frittata of sorts, but airier and softer, like a souffle....

thinking of roasting pumpkin and squash, carmelizing onion, mix together scooped pulp. Add coconut milk and 2 or 3 eggs (or possibly separate out 4 eggs and mix first yolks, then beaten whites). add some nutmeg, maybe cinammon. and then bake...

Any suggestions/feedback?


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  1. I've done a wonderful sweet potato casserole using coconut milk. I don'r see why it would not work.

      1. I use coconut milk all the time in lieu of half and half or cream. It's the only non-dairy milk that has any fat in it. My rough math is that I assume that full-fat coconut milk is about 32 - 35% fat, so it's roughly the equivalent of cream, and I adjust the fat content by thinning with water, as necessary. It does have a faint coconut flavor but given the spices you're describing, it shouldn't be noticeable. Happy TDay!