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Nov 20, 2012 03:25 PM

dimsum (DTW-Ann Arbor)

Planning a dim sum outing with friends in Ann Arbor. We could go to the old stand-by Great Lakes, but I'm wondering what might be better with a 40 minute drive.

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  1. I remember a post or two awhile back about good dim sum at Shangri-La. I've never been to either for dum sum. (I keep meaning to, but keep getting distracting by other places.)

    There's one in Midtown Detroit and another on Orchard Lake in West Bloomfield.

    Here ya go:

    1. asia city in ypsilani, its almost as good as shangra la and way closer, puts great lakes to shame.

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        Check the disastrous inspection report on the Washtenaw County website for them ...

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            Having spent some time in the Third World I'm usually not fussy about this stuff. But several aspects of that report are worrisome.